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Luxury flagship

Luxury flagship

N0.1  shot number  

◇ new dress 13 shooting

N0.2 makeup  

professional make-up styling 13 group shot

N0.3 vows  

• sea view and Wuyi mountains tourist shooting

planning   N0.4  theme;

• Korean theme wedding location shooting (free 2 pair with the male   bridesmaid dress the set makeup shot at one time)

N0.5  shot number  

• digital files more than 288 (all shot files free of charge)

N0.6  featured in  

◇ Finish 105 in book (buy 20 Yuan/Zhang Jingxiu  38/list)

N0.7  shot number  

• digital files more than 288 (all shot files free of charge)

N0.8 finished production  

• 30 inch Oscar paint album   (PVC made the inside pages)

• 24 inch Oscar painting photo albums (PVC made the inside pages)

• 17 inch Oscar a book

• Oscar high-grade paint box a

◇ love set of 9 pieces of hancheng

• 42 inch Earl a picture

• 10 inch love of hancheng

◇ timeless side table

• Diamond side table

• DVD photo album a dish (three music producers)

◇ data CD disc

N0.9  bonus  

• wallet Photo 2

• dynamic San-lien placed a pair of

• 12 inch bride album volume one

• lock 2

◇ Double Happiness

• water cube Crystal

◇ essence 2   lashes are a pair of  

• 60 inch poster

• extreme thank 50

• dynamic MV trailer location shooting a group of  

• beauty wedding dress one induced by Li

◇ xiri day dinner with the makeup (makeup on both sides, within the limit of Fuzhou)

◇ 688 family set (bring your own costume set   each makeup style, boutique box 36 inch  10 inch hancheng love 2)

N0.10  gratis  

• wedding day wedding section

• dress one (cleaning fee of 60 Yuan/excluded)

• bridal makeup wedding day fashion makeup (99 red envelopes separately, ampoule   lashes   flowers-owned)

• with the makeup will cost extra

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