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The wedding movie couple in hot pursuit of the cause

First, the "wedding movie" romantic wedding

wedding films in addition to enjoying the feeling of movie star, wedding movies make their wedding more fashion, personality. According to shoot the wedding movie is said to be their wedding layout backgrounds, all the lights were extinguished, the large screens in their movies, like in the movie the wedding not only romantic fashion and won the praise of many relatives and friends. Many couples choose wedding movies now. A few days ago, and Miss Lee married fiance came to film his movie, feel very satisfied. They are half a month ago, travelling to Shenzhen, and spent a day shooting two wedding films. "In Studio and some urban attractions shooting wedding photos are identical, are very close" to

Second, the "traditional wedding can no longer satisfy the tastes of young people"

"wedding in the Studio, a photographer for more than 10 couples a day service, coupled with the same background, position, without a bit of personality. "Ready to shoot the wedding of Miss Wang after a" market research "after the above conclusion. The wedding art film company official said that "$literal" wedding individuality are most common, only has introduced a unique personalized wedding packages, to be a wedding photo studio magic weapon for survival. So romantic, beautiful, personalized wedding film comes into being. Reporter learned that, from the company about the wedding movie template a lot, and new movies every month templates, in line with popular taste. Is one of the most popular of the pure love of the corner meets love Phantom of the light is perfect, the pleasure of the Crystal tree, and so on.

third, the "wedding movie" the lowest popularity

under normal circumstances, most Studio shoot better photos prices are thousands of Yuan, a photographer said, which includes filming locations, the cost of makeup, costumes, a series of gifts. But according to press reports, filming a wedding movie prices are the same as wedding photos, lowest prices, the best ideas and most fashionable wedding dresses, the most romantic movie ... Wedding movie like this one out of the city, has many generation in hot pursuit of new love, wedding movies to give young people more valuable memory, which is the latest trend in wedding photography!