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Creative marriage proposal

Most local flavor of love: Cui Hua, I care about you.

the most outrageous comic courtship: I want to marry your wife, marry not marry, your own as you see fit!

beyond love: my mom, can't you get the door, she and my mother-child relationship.

the most heroic courtship: If loving you is a crime, I would prefer more than a sin until the crime is not subject to, are you sentencing a capital offense.

the courtship of logical reasoning: marriage, women, marry who is not married and who is not living, please consider me!

most impressive courtship: I really don't ask for much, just silently on the side give you cooking all my life, washing laundry, struck back, rubbed his shoulders.

most disgusting love: baby, I love you Eve, you are a beacon in my heart, without your love, my spirit would collapse.

most grievances to their courtship: you can call me, call me, bite me, can exploit I can jerk me around, but you absolutely cannot refuse me!

most less shallow love: let beggars match with beggars chicken blending chicken, mouse son can make hole, everyone knows that, and nothing in the world I get married together perfectly.

most suspected of narcissistic love: I am the most handsome five governors in the East and is the best guy, I believe my love, you will certainly raised his hands with legs Yes!

the most idyllic courtship: why the Moon beauty Hao Jie, is because the reflection of the sun always shining. I swear to God, with my love, happiness is your everlasting wealth.

most folk literature temperament of courtship: you are the crows fly in the sky, I am the dog on the ground; you're my flashlight in the dark, I could be your oven fire-blower.

most can't resist love: seats, tickets, House, car, the others are all, just like you are such a beautiful and virtuous wife.

best sweet courtship of the dead: you are a mouse, I would like to do the mouse button, I looked on your you a Cup, I would like to do the Cup cover, I protect you; you're remote, I would like to do television, I let you.

most network color love: If you're willing to let me accompany you every day to practice-level, I will upload my whole heart to you, will give you all my Q coins; cards to all the points you give you all the equipment.