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Honeymoon trip notes

After return from their honeymoon alone not only rest, finish their happy moments, we have some very important things to do. Travel days may be hard, but small said today that a few things done, go to postpone breaks, look at it!

i. to start a new life, but not too much

from one single life to two of the world, you may need to make some adjustments to their habits, and to adapt to married life.

you have made marriage vows at the wedding, indicating later in life you will be considerate of each other, to share the joy and share their troubles. But this does not mean that you are going to completely change yourself, you need to accept, newsboy each other not the same character, so as to achieve the ultimate aim of complementarity.

Moreover, in the first years of the marriage, a kid will come to your side, you'll have to give up many years of habit, so do not try to change the daily routine, it will seriously affect your physical and mental health. And remember, do not give up because of your marriage too much! 

II. give her a call, looking for some good advice

Although your mother-in-law do not live together, but the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is also vital for your future life. Wise as you will not be a deaf ear to our advice. you can consult her on may encounter problems in the future, or you can learn her signature dish, maybe you don't need her advice, but give her a call and chat. In this way, she will feel that you respect her, and because you have taken her as a member in your family and feels! 

III. thank the friends who will help you prepare for the wedding

your family and friends at the wedding for you A trouble shared is a trouble halved. for you, entertain and help you coordinate vehicle ... ... You can without distraction, to be a beautiful happy bride.

return of the honeymoon, send them a thank you card, with the most sincere way to express your gratitude for them. Thank you for all they do for your wedding, tell them that without their help, your wedding will be a mess, and his honeymoon gifts mailed to them. Of course, when they took care of their children or pets, is also a good way to be popular.  

IV. avoid heavy colored light friend, always keeping in touch with friends

married to two world, it does not mean you have to give up the whole world. If you stay with 2 day, won't have time to benefit your marriage life.


     friend occupies an irreplaceable position in life, they will in time help you escape from the family burdens, sending problems encountered in life for you. So do not because he lost contact with all your old friends often ask them out for HAPPY together, shopping, clubbing. Reliving happy ever! and let them know you are still the most reliable good friend! 

v. often want to little tricks, allow yourself relaxing moments

you might be a wild girl, but now you're married, have a new role, shouldering the burden of family, you should be a man of sense, but not because marriage makes you lose the lively and lovely.

marriage is not all romantic and impressionistic, and every day you have to spend a lot of time to deal with family matters. But don't forget to take time to relax, read novels during my lunch break, or singing is a good idea to go home! 

VI. elect the joy of the wedding photos, hang them on the wall

you laugh at a wedding, you a kiss, so writing or romantic or beautiful moments of joy had been fixed in a precious photo. Hang them all over your room, savour a happy hour at any time, so you can feel the sweet and happy married life  

VII. to exercise and kept himself alive!

many friends marrying fat, is the immense happiness of life do they grow fat? why so, but don't you think that lack of exercise is also an important reason?

also is more do some movement's! if you original on not like movement, may wish to from now began, looking for some you 2 a people of movement, to playing golf, or to swimming, playground Shang sweat, not only can makes you anytime, anywhere have full, and will makes you in bedroom within passion full! remember, insisted daily exercise, will will makes you of couples life reached unexpected of perfect!