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New dining block Wine Guide

Wedding Banquet, also known as the wedding, the couple without wine. So, what are the married couple drinking trick? the wedding night but life is one of the four, the couple drank bad, Mandy Dear friends may wish to look at the Fuzhou wedding photography boutique Photography Studio make the wedding couple drinking trick for you to collect it, hope you have a perfect wedding night.

, liquor and groom catch wine tips

1. before and after the toast must arrange a suspense element, until after the toast, and echoing the before and after, tell you a toast over what we do, please look forward to, otherwise a lot of people think nothing can go eat a meal, don't make a scene. But if publicly released followed by the suspense is to reveal, you have many content want to, then the wedding people will not disrupt your wedding process.


2. let photography camera with prison, machine frame good, cavity potential took out, then with guest said, we everyone with toast, left this precious of lens, please we of camera Division photographer remember real Xia this everyone with new toast congratulated of moments, to took lens as invited full table rose to of reason, family General also sorry refused to, lens took good, please seated, new leave is.


3. ① water liquor before pouring out the wine bottle sector, probably the wine bottle about 3 cm high. Remember not to empty, without taste, and very easy to wear. And then poured into the water, do not use tap water. Tap water will have small bubbles, not wine at a glance, so irrigation water or pure water, mineral water and the like. Prepare two bottles of "liquor", case is not enough. Apart from the groomsmen bridesmaids, don't let anyone else touch that special bottle of wine or two. Most important is that playing it is difficult to drink when you drink.

         II sprite instead if if think whitewater is more easy to help, because water does not hang up Cup. There is another way is to use the sprite must be the night before.


wine, buy wine of deep color grape juice into an empty bottle.

two Raiders, Groom Wedding Banquet

1.  absolutely avoid drinking on an empty stomach

2.  arrangements are under "block wine hand", block wine group

3.  looking for a good deal out of wine (the best man)

4.  drugs do not rely on the hangover, the best use of natural food hangover

5.  not believe that coffee and tea can hangover, they function only up to a maximum of

6.  drink, eat cheese, eggs, meat and other protein foods help of volatile alcohol

7.  not soda or soda water mixed with wine to dilute the concentration of alcohol, this process will backfire

8.  has been drinking too much, might as well use a soup or drink a lot of water, to dilute the effect of concentration of alcohol, in addition, eat some fruit, drink honey for the hangover grade

9.  in short, moderate drinking but is the wedding day of spiritual laws, must drink wine, depends on the bride and groom carefully packed not only affect the romantic wedding night.

10.  hangover: a drink before eating greasy foods, such as meat, dried beancurd, milk, pineapple, guava and; hangover II method: drinking broth, especially baked fish soup with shredded turnips can do most hangover effect. Ziesch the two laws, better results