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Wedding etiquette

If you are invited to the wedding, you must first learn the wedding etiquette. If you can do it by Maddie Fuzhou wedding photography boutique Photography Studio to introduce to you the following, then it could become popular guests on your wedding day.

first, immediately after receiving the invitation wedding invitation response

       received invitation after invitation, to call or reply to each other, and don't forget to say "Congratulations", and then told to attend or not to allow each other to acquire accurate attendance.

Second, congratulations gift bags write congratulations on

many kinds of red envelope bag, married to one person but life events, Grand luxury must, so don't forget to write wishes.

third, the listen address

before the wedding starts to toast after this period of time is a matchmaker and by distinguished guests. Want quiet listen to your speech, not noisy.

four, to be seated first to greet people in neighboring seats

If you sit at the people who are strangers, and you have to show good mood. Table to the table before man introduced himself, and is not embarrassed, but don't let yourself get too pushy.

v, a speech to remember the applause at the end

dine while listening to speeches, but remember the first and last must be put down utensils by acclamation. If you sit at the podium, then try not to eat, and listening.


six, personal image

should be face cleaning and modification of the work. Man to clean the hair and face before,  involved in the wedding. Shaved his beard, cut nose hairs. A weak woman can, not makeup for the wedding. To prevent bright color suitable for formal occasions, dress. Should not be dressed too beautiful, too upscale clothes, so as not to steal the groom or the bride's thunder. Allowed to wear casual dress feel, but not too formal, not too casual. Colors and styles not and newcomer   "  hit shirts  "   'd better not wear black clothes in the wedding, so as not to let the couple feel unlucky. Can't wear shorts or sandals to the wedding. Can't wear shorts. Wear a tie and suit must be. Wearing a dark suit,  men's suit, trousers. Remember to wear dark socks and black leather shoes. But if they are not an important role on your wedding day, trousers,  T  shirts, shoes can be a bare level must not exceed the bride dress. Avoid similar dress and bridal dress,  ladies wearing a suit is appropriate. Color should be purple, green, pink, gray, wine red, beige, etc.

seven, behaviour

must be at least two or three days prior to your wedding day initiative and new contact,  If you receive an invitation. Determine whether you can attend, a few of us together to so that other layout. Otherwise not only affects other people's speeches, not to make much noise in the wedding. May also affect the sound effects. Prevent effects to the sound effects.   Seating guests should temporarily turn off your mobile phone near audio equipment. To avoid causing interference to others, do not move frequently in the field. Or off the audio connection or influence results. To properly restrain kids don't let it run. If a child involved in the wedding. Wedding is taboo was broken to pieces.   To be careful when you use the appliance.

especially when they were invited. Warm atmosphere,,  interactive content should be actively involved in the wedding. Should hold a warm round of applause. To say wishes,  couple give you a toast when cigarettes. For example, early birth, grow old. To maintain a basic style,  mind eating wedding eat, drink and drink. Not rude. Drinks there are not filling people with alcohol. Both games are on the,  wedding toast. Enough is enough, there must be no lost dignity of the couple, not indecent. Would not be difficult for the newcomers, its embarrassing. Say hi to new people as much as possible when,  left. But if he does not have to bother.

eight, select gifts

gift is required and what gifts you very much.   Participate in this grand celebration of the wedding ceremony. Also as the couple's personalities, preferences, requirements and other,  even a wedding gift. To understand analysis, then select gift, there would be no faux pas.

nine, arrived half an hour early

attending the wedding to arrive half an hour in advance, and tidy appearance, not hurried, or rude.

gift bags before at the reception counter to the receptionist, and signing congratulations.

If you arrive late, leave early, to notify each other in advance

If you will be late or leave early, to notify each other in advance. Late, don't enter the site on their own, it is best to let reception staff lead you in. To leave early, best to wait for guests to finish after the word before you go. Leave no need to say hello to the bride and groom, but want to sit at the same table to greet people on both sides.

10, at the reception before the first few words of congratulations

① first congratulated the couple's relatives, the newspaper name, and want to say thank you for the hospitality.

② proffered gift bags, pass each other, face up, at which point the way some blessing.

③ album signature, if present, to write name, write her name again.