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Traditional Chinese wedding supplies

Chinese traditional wedding supplies, Bridal sedan chair: carried four men, eight of them two, and long car, Phoenix car division. Car green cover of the Red mantle covered Phoenix, corner hanging ears.

Second, Chinese traditional wedding supplies Brazier: placed in front of a fire, let the bride across the past, meaning after the wedding day is booming.

supplies three, covering traditional Chinese wedding: bride dressed in ancient times fengguanxiapei at the same time with red cloth cover to cover the evil red get auspicious meaning. This hijab into the bridal chamber by the groom uncover.

four Chinese traditional wedding supplies, Qi Gong and fan: in the procession, before the sedan. The entire wedding ceremony is lively, spectacular.

Chinese traditional wedding supplies five, and fengguanxiapei: married female of family regardless of wealth on married clothing are is about, within wear red coat, foot pedal embroidered shoe, waist Department tassels Ribbon, Xia with a article embroidery color skirt, head wearing with Pompon, and Pearl, and jade silk pendant, decorative real put together woven into of "rockhopper", again to shoulder Shang put a article embroidered has various auspicious figure lines of Brocade "Xia Cape".

six traditional Chinese wedding supplies, wedding words: Needless to say, until now married to paste it.

traditional Chinese wedding supplies seven, beams: after into the bridal chamber, bride and groom beams picked red hijab, meaning "desirable".

Chinese eight traditional wedding supplies, wedding: use the big red into wedding candles, lit in the halls and the bridal chamber. Because of its many gold and Silver Dragon on enamel, it said "the wedding."

JIU, firecrackers, Chinese traditional wedding supplies: wedding limo on the way, should be setting off firecrackers to celebrate.

ten Chinese traditional wedding supplies, saddles: a "saddle", "Ann" sing, take the "safe" means for a long time. On the threshold put in into the wedding the bridal chamber, let the bride, brides across the saddle, world security and peace.