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Relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law 11 bogey

Family life is like an elegant violin, relationships are the most touching a chord on the violin, but is this piano is second only to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship but also directly affects the relationship of the other strings. Can handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, were important factors in family music can be harmonious.

smart daughter-in-law mother-in-law taboo 1, no matter how rude, and don't quarrel with mother-in-law

mother-in-law, even if wrong, if you ever fight with her, your wrong.

this not to you Dang ostrich, although you is era women, can contempt all stereotypes, but please don't forget has this is in China, this social also is cannot tolerance disobedience of people, although with mother-in-law fight does not necessarily is disobedience, but in others seems, as junior of daughter-in-law spittle cross fly of with mother-in-law on with dry, is disobedience! they will think you didn't tutor! said you didn't tutor, by for of object on not you a people has, but piggy Shang has you of parents, The reason you want to hear from their parents because of their being talked about it?  

smart daughter-in-law taboo 2, must find a suitable opportunity, the nature of your Tiger on display in front of her mother-in-law

people have a bully of a sad, especially now that many of her mother-in-law. If you perform the more docile in front of her, she thinks you're a can easily pinch the soft touch. Of course, you can't quarrel with her, but that does not necessarily mean you can't quarrel with others, but that person had better not choose your husband or people related to her. If has opportunities caught with a bad egg, gave of in he before sent a pass female Granville's! even is not told truth of racetrack a pass, then to will you character in the most evil most hard of side incisively of performance out, don't fear back Shang bitch of notoriety, bitch on bitch! as long as can let you mother-in-law see, I also not no temper, I not she temper not because fear she, only for respect she is elders! by this warning she: Tiger not bite, you don't Dang I is disease cat! 

smart daughter-in-law taboo 3, do not say bad things about her mother-in-law in front of outsiders

may was will scolded I, have make wrong Ah? by mother-in-law gas has, with husband cannot said, with outsiders also cannot said, also has Justice did? is Ah, this is seems hard do, see forum in sisters are of tears complaints, on know world do daughter-in-law of has how many bitter tears AH! and usually himself of friends party Shi, talk about have up of seems is home that evil mother-in-law! China of daughter-in-law bitter wow! but here refers to of outsiders is has especially of, is both awareness himself and awareness mother-in-law of people, Complain in the forums, but if you speak ill of her mother-in-law in front of these people, aren't you afraid that one day you are embellished reached her ears do? it's certainly should not be published, but it is more important not to like being treated like xianglin, despise you. Even you know mother-in-law out people before said you of ill, also don't tit-for-tat, an eye for an eye, if such do you with you that long tongue of mother-in-law has what difference? smart of daughter-in-law will such do: mother-in-law in people Qian said I of bad, I on profile of in people Qian said mother-in-law of good! without worried such will sat real mother-in-law allegations you of charges, please must to believes "fair free heart" this sentence words, mother-in-law on you variety accused, you is is feeds, is on is wrong, also not at a glance did? Who will back you when your mother-in-law ears, she is not ashamed to die! 

taboo 4 smart daughter-in-law and mother-in-law on the more you mean more generous your mother-in-law

people of her generation, has been very difficult days to come, so money will have a mean we the 780 people are hard to understand. She himself General had have is thrift, and also hope son daughter-in-law and they as "a points money broke into two points with", especially on daughter-in-law in this aspects of requirements General will high have too, if you for husband buy things, she may not said what, but if you is for himself buy, she on will said you mess money, or said you buy of things too your what. This mother-in-law does is hateful of, but daughter-in-law also without for grievance himself, the buy what also buy what, the spent how many also spent how many, also without so on mother-in-law grudge, thought you such is in abuse I, see I yihou how Pack you? actually many mother-in-law such do except is distressed money, more of mother-in-law is because psychological not balance, wants to wants to himself yiqian by has so more bitter, won't eat, won't wear, province down to children with, results poured, son married of wife on son has what credit? now is is eat good of , Get dressed, make good use of ... ..., even if the wives spend their own earned money, she will have "their own trees, daughter-in-law shade" feeling. To the mother-in-law, the best way to do that: to buy things at the same time buy a present for her mother-in-law, even small objects at very low cost, but also through her mouth, while her mother-in-law might say that, you don't have to pay for her, to save money or something, but I will be very happy.  

taboo 5 smart daughter-in-law, her husband's family's grievances don't exaggerate

not denied, each daughter-in-law will in in-laws more or less of by grievance, may is other of Centerless of lost, may is deliberately and for, many daughter-in-law himself are cannot himself in heart resolve this unit grievances, so on will aren't, more wants to more think himself by has big of grievance, and in this process in the will will other of errors unlimited of zoom, also on increasingly see not to himself in event in the of responsibility has. This may be because many of the daughter-in-law in the family's home in an isolated position, there is an instinctive defense consciousness, so will tell their reaction about the event too sensitive. Another scenario is that some wives have a paranoia of persecution, always feel each other up, like the smart, pretty good snow, and she is the wicked Queen, not to kill himself will never give up, so have a feeling of a self-pity on himself. Women are sensitive creatures, however, sometimes delicate feelings in her eyes is "narrow-minded". I think some trivial matter is not worth much, careless daughter-in-law vanished in the past, may also be the most harmonious relations with in-laws. As long as the husband's family is not itself a personal attack, personal insults, some unintentionally, or intentionally small bad, clever wife could have pretended not to understand, or laugh. So, sometimes, might as well do a smart silly big sister, and may even be happier.

smart 6, experiencing nagging mother-in-law daughter-in-law taboos, not what she says you have to take it seriously, or if she said what you have to say

to be fair, the mother-in-law nagging is very annoying, but not necessarily what's mother-in-law sourness. Many Shang has age of elderly are has nagging of problem, she of nagging may is not for you personal of, but for family people, like father-in-law, and like husband, and brother-in-law, and sister-in-law child, but mother-in-law of nagging on they for is used of, on like you home listening to you mother of nagging Shi of feel as, but for has daughter-in-law listening to up, may will think mother-in-law of nagging is for himself of, so on special carefully of pick mother-in-law words in of problem, and often also can pick out, some daughter-in-law on this nagging very seriously, Will seriously of with mother-in-law for justified, may you will because you of eloquent eloquence debate have mother-in-law had nothing to say, but also has may you of mother-in-law is a not defeat of people, you a statements I a language of with you confrontation, both last for words catch words of said many injury people words, which raised one family war, make have out; also has compared implicit of daughter-in-law although not spot attack, but also will so produced unpleasant, will mother-in-law on himself bad words remember heart in, time more long, on mother-in-law of discontent more product more more, Wait until the day the last straw came when a large outbreak, this kind of explosion damage will be far larger than the face on the spot, after this happens, also no possibility of repairing the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

in fact deal with the nagging, no need to escalate to an infinite height, you can use it as a not-so-sweet Lullaby, or your neighbor's home to make noise. If you mother-in-law with you of relationship also not is too bad, you can grinning of hum with song from she before walked away; if you wants to gas have she turned eye and took you helpless, you can in she nagging effort up of when Dang she of surface call, or with friends pot phone porridge, or on with Doodle ring of phone since said since words of retreats became smoother, anyway is don't received she of enrollment, let she himself think boring.

smart daughter-in-law taboo 7, in life things don't be demanding mother-in-law, don't complain about her mother-in-law to themselves than to others

some wives complained about her mother-in-law to their cooking, kids, cooking is not good, or her great aunt to do housework more, more time with husband child, no matter how good for her, her mother-in-law always uncles son ... ... and, in fact, these things not what to say, there is always the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fuse of war. That harsh word, his wife has no right to require her to do this or that, or asking her all the love and time fair to each junior. Mother-in-law to raise their children to the age of 18, can be said to have fulfilled its obligations, then do everything for their children, is a dedication. Has daughter-in-law said mother-in-law will himself on she of good depending on for deserved, let she is angry, from equal of views for, does should angry! but, for against mother-in-law, you also no right think mother-in-law on you of Mus musculus of pay is deserved, despite she so do is at you of husband and not you, so you can not Thanksgiving, can not returns, but this is not said you on can because mother-in-law for you home do have less for other do have more and said. Mother-in-law not free of nanny, she of later time is belongs to she himself of, she love how arrangements who also Sherman, she love with who of children is she of free! regardless of do daughter-in-law of high not happy, must have admitted this! if not admitted, so will: you whether like please nanny as, pay has mother-in-law wage does? mother-in-law whether happy do you of nanny does? even you monthly to has she money, but has no description this money is husband to parents of maintenance also is as nanny of wage? unfortunately, The daughter-in-law seems to understand this is not a lot, otherwise the Forum won't be so Livid.

smart daughter-in-law taboo 8, do not argue in front of her mother-in-law and husband or that husband is not

since many daughter-in-law are said mother-in-law nursing came, that on should understand if you Dang she of surface with husband fight or accused husband of not, mother-in-law is impossible bias you of, more has may she will think himself of son by has bully, jumped out of to with he son with against you, even is mother-in-law is will man, at bias you, scolded has she of son, you also don't think mother-in-law heart also will bias you, if you such wants to on too childish has! unless you of husband does very too, unless you of mother-in-law right from wrong, Unless your mother-in-law nursing not justifying, unless your mother-in-law you love with, if not the same person, if you argue in front of her mother-in-law and husband or husband is not, can only be found not happy!

certainly has, I in smart mother-in-law 12 ring in also said has, world no not fight of couples, so the noisy also have noisy, but don't in front of mother-in-law, you can to outside call to husband, called he from he mother of wings Xia roll out, you with he singled! also can for another a silent of way noisy, is with pen and paper: two a people shut up door to, will scolded other words wrote in paper Shang to other, even then you will paper threw in he face Shang also doesn't matter! this fight of way actually can in couples between widely promotion, Because: with mouth fight Shi both are may will flustered, some words often not after brain on will blurted out, said export only found is injury people, but to recovered has too late has, other heard injury people words natural will comeback, said more radical of words to, many couples of fight are is noisy to last is no a results, contradictions is increasingly deep; but people on will formed text words General will is caution, in write Shi will pour Word discretion sentence, removed many mood of words, and playing pen battle Shi to as easy, Will streamline many bad spoken English, such as "you TMD and NMD," and so on, so the other side to see all may be rational, less quarrel, but abuse, papering more noisy than quarrel a result, two people can calmly accept each other's opinion. I yiqian with husband fight is the not defeat, last General is I a put nose a put tears of cry will up, husband stand I of tears was forced to admit, but this is not for really of admit attitude maintained can't long, both people will shaking of again big noisy once, so cycle, cycle, made both people are exhausted, later for mother-in-law of coming, had to used playing pen battle of way noisy, has good times noisy with noisy with, we will because other paper Shang of racetrack or a sentence wisecracks looked at each other and laughed, Sometimes laughing falls in throwing yourself in a room full of paper rolls in a heap, all unhappiness soon vanished.    

smart daughter-in-law taboo 9, do not be too concerned with money, not to calculate her property

money is a good thing, of course, and we now live in a environment, turned out to be money spent all day live! regardless of whether people admitted, in fact, everyone is cared for money, but those who care about money, but when faced with a conflict between money and love, or be bound to choose the family. But some people are often over parents ' meagre pensions, brothers turn parents into enemies, especially some wives play a helping role disgrace, hurt us, the daughter-in-law of self-reliance has been much maligned. Have also heard of the custom said their local customs, family's home should be much dowry when they married, should buy the House......! Halo, now are what era has? don't took custom said thing good bad? in past has many custom: daughter-in-law married Hou daily to early to in-laws greeting, served in-laws, and also have willing of active for husband concubinage......, will you do has did? to pursuant to custom on all pursuant to Ah, don't only pursuant to on himself favourable of! so regardless of in-laws whether rich, local whether has this custom, are not should became daughter-in-law attempts property of excuses. No what the shouldn't, in-laws rich, and willing to for family help himself of son, daughter-in-law dip husband of light, and can so less struggle years, you should grateful in-laws of friendship, no, you also don't complained! because money is in-laws of, they has right free disposal himself of property, even all to has big sister-in-law brother-in-law sister-in-law child, a big child son not to you, you also don't run to Forum up BREW! even to race, is you husband to race, round not to you talk of share! say in-laws age big has, Hands should always leave pensions for future trouble, all for you, wait until they are sick, old, you can pay without complaint as a wife to heal them, and support them? just calculate the virtue of her property, no one can have this unrealistic fantasy of the daughter-in-law. In the mother-in-law daughter-in-law accounted for the vast majority of forum shopping to, some wives may feel it's not nice, but it's true.

smart daughter-in-law taboo condition 10, husband, home, not in front of the husband's family showed superior attitude

many daughter-in-law in married Qian are hope found a than himself strong of husband, but is not all of woman are can wish, especially husband body reflected out of personality quality or talent, cover had he of family status, or itself external conditions Shi, often will regardless of family friends of against committed married, but please don't so in husband or in-laws people before is superior, think you of married on he and in-laws is a gift, or in life habits Shang on in-laws people crabbing,  Hope everywhere to himself of life habits for in-laws people of life guidelines; or allowed himself of parents in he before praised "I this daughter has more good, yiqian has how many rich Chase she" like words, or husband of a bunch of poor relatives to you home Shi total put a Deputy disgust of smelly face, think family is to you home daqiufeng of......, such do only will serious hurt husband and in-laws people of pride, and let you all sincere of pay drain. Had see had a daughter-in-law of post complained: for married has home in rural, and has a big man poor relatives of husband, himself how generous decent, but tricky of rural mother-in-law is how difficult served, and stubborn of father-in-law is how feudal, and poor of brother-in-law is how greed, and stupid of sister-in-law child is how vanity......, seemed husband climbed Shang she such of town Johnson Miss, a everyone of poor relatives will as heaven of chicken dog, is also make not clear makes himself heaven of benefactor, didn't will benefactor as down of fairy to dedicated...... (Though did not understand that, but there are lines revealed dissatisfaction with the man sees wife's disdain). Such of post often thread as cloud, many daughter-in-law are sympathy she, simultaneous condemned that appreciate favors of rural in-laws, even also has daughter-in-law obtained conclusion said: next life do cannot find rural of husband! I not know yiqian simple kind honest of rural people from what when became so hateful, once upon a in town daughter-in-law home embarrassed succeeded are not know to to where put of rural father-in-law; what when began dare in town daughter-in-law before playing up feudal parents of down to; once upon a see has town daughter-in-law rare have holding in hand in fear fell has, and Containing in mouth in fear of has rural mother-in-law what when into has tricky snide of evil mother-in-law; once upon a to for brother school willing to dropped out of working and will scrimped and saved of money sent to brother of Han silly of brother, what when back had God to to from sister-in-law here please back himself dedication out of youth; from forward has brother sister-in-law home clean of living room are can't script of sister-in-law child, what when has has coveted sister-in-law high-end clothing and cosmetics of courage......, but said really of, I see this post, General are not to delve into daughter-in-law told of grievance is really of also is exaggerated its remarks or is made mess made, only wants to find block Board son brick, hard took she! not for other, only for town daughter-in-law of that shallow of proud! also wants to said a sentence: early know to married of people carry with family people of hope, and bear with too more family people with sacrifice pay of kindness, certainly will take than usually people more of responsibility, if on this no enough of psychological prepared, dry well married he, harm and victims has been? since think himself is expensive, Why not look for a rich man to marry?

smart daughter-in-law taboos 11, live with my mother-in-law, don't be angry at every turn and run back home

when writing this article, in fact, very jealous of her sisters back, because my family is in the field, so basically no home to return to, but it saves parents ' worries. Although sometimes by has grievance run back home, husband felt of to received you home of feel is is gasification of, may you of parents not scolded he, may up will with eyes condemned he, can you wants to had husband of feel no? if such of times more has, each men are will annoying, decided yihou no longer used you this problem, this enrollment on not works has. Especially and mother-in-law with live of daughter-in-law, do don't still on makes this enrollment, if mother-in-law dumped to you a sentence: out has this door on don't again back! or you of husband wants to in mother-in-law before displayed he of authority with you said this sentence words, you is prepared bound, and head also not back of out of this home does, also is prepared obediently down luggage back room cry? even you can across out and eventually also will back, but you on fear out Hou mother-in-law on husband said of first sentence words is "with she divorce" did? Men living with MOM caught in such a situation, even if it wanted to hold you, or wants to go to your home, but to prove to his mother that he is a man, generally, no cattle, not only will you speak more desperate, or not to take you home. When you divorce him, or your own pack up go home? if you really don't want to live, to divorce him then said, if you do not want to abandon him, and you have to come quietly home, wouldn't that be embarrassing?

certainly slightly, each woman in have acting takes its toll of situation Xia, are has home run of right, but can somewhat creative, will run locations to other place does? personal compared like high-end is of hotel, then call to he, on said not hope parents worried, so live to hotel to has......, then on to himself set a copies meal, side eat side, with he to received you's, hehe! I dare bet, 90% of men will in received this phone Hou on will to hotel flew, After all, spending hundreds of thousands of Yuan every day! little husband or mother-in-law do not fear. Perhaps another 10% husband rich, damn! then you run farther, such as Hong Kong, such as Paris, Hawaii or something ... ..., this time away from home would be enough to make him forget, he messes with you next time?