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Wedding day bridal preparations

Tomorrow, and the people you love the most are married. Very happy, very excited, feel like there are a lot of things are still not done, seems to have a lot of preparation job imperfections, such as are you afraid of the wedding, while you look forward to the coming of tomorrow, because tomorrow you will walk into a new life, which are you most looking forward to. However, here the day before, do you know what you should be doing? What can I do to make you relax that is excited and happy at the same time married and anxious the night before? Fuzhou wedding photography Mandy boutique Photography Studio to remind you: do the following, and I'm sure you can easily spend the night! Tomorrow, you may be the world's most beautiful and happy bride!

wedding preparations:  diet before the wedding day the bride should pay attention to  

     wedding day should eat light food, avoid eating too much greasy or fried foods, breakfast should be as simple to eat nutritious meals, such as: sandwiches, eggs, milk, and avoiding tea, coffee or a drink, so as not to difficult to sleep at night, eat dinner early so bedtime stomach bloated, difficult to sleep. In addition, you should avoid drinking too much water after 10 o'clock, so as not to get up early tomorrow, edema, picture is not beautiful.  

wedding day bride:  adequate phone battery  

    appropriateness of many Wedding couples wedding dresses and gowns, tend to ignore the minor sections. That night before marriage should be a mobile phone fully charged, so that there is plenty of batteries, because on their wedding day to last for more than 10 hours, mobile phones have plenty of batteries, so that the close contact maintained with the bridesmaids or friends and relatives.

wedding bridal preparations the day before last process review:   

night before the wedding, there shall be additional processes you a wedding tomorrow and think there is nothing missing. Read the entire program in getting married tomorrow, to avoid a wedding too nervous or too catch the wrong program.


wedding bride:  Lavender help induce sleep the day before  

Although many brides knew the importance of sleep, but tomorrow is its own life, one inevitably a little nervous that if it was too excited to sleep, may try to drink a cup of warm milk or sweet chrysanthemum tea, have a good night sleep. In addition, on the pillow to put some Lavender aromatherapy spray, can also ease relaxation into sweet sleep.  

beauty preparation before the weddings bridal preparations the day before:  wedding  

    marriage is the beauty of the day before the final blow, you can focus on the hands and feet and face. First, starting from the face, with his favorite usual mask, (but not new products, so as to avoid skin discomfort or irritation). Again take a relieving bath, you can add some sesame oil in the tub, let body be the most comprehensive mitigation, in the best possible shape to face tomorrow wedding activities.   Last, of course, is for the armpits, hands and leg hair removal, allow yourself to have the complexion of your skin wearing a wedding dress.  


wedding day bridal preparations:  reminded the staff of  

    reminded the night before the wedding makeup artist and Hairstylist time and place of arrival and confirm that tomorrow's makeup and hairstyle to avoid the out of time. In addition, should contact the Director of the wedding, so that everyone can have the best communication and allow all programs to run smoothly.  

wedding day bridal preparations:  for personal use  

in addition to wedding day makeup, a bride should bring some for personal use is their daily routine for a rainy day, like a bride wearing lenses, should prepare a backup contact lenses, eye drops, and so on. In addition, such as deodorant, etc, to allow him in the best state of complete wedding program.  

wedding day bridal preparations:  bring a few snacks

wedding day schedule has no time to even eat most of the time, the bride can bring some of their favorite snacks, such as cookies, chocolate candy, dried fruit, less weight is the most important, can be eaten without smearing lip makeup, for hungry can also be temporary hunger.