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Simple shot, perfect wedding dress

&Nbsp;   wedding took out always like a small puppet, smile is fake, expression is stiff, action are like pendulum out of, believes everyone are has similar such of troubles, actually wants to took good married as, wants to retain those moving beautiful of moments, will show Bride Groom most real of side, prepared Kung Fu not as so more, may as long as light of makeup, simple of wedding, on can put you took of is beauty.

first, the equipment

1  simple wedding:  wedding can choose simple style, fabric and vertical sense better, and skirt surface well covered with a layer of gauze so that you can make the bride look lighter, more feminine.


          2  clean makeup: wedding makeup should not be too thick. Pearl stressed the t-zone and sense of reflective triangle to highlight the skin texture. Foundation to make thin, lips smearing a small amount of lip gloss. Key eyebrow and eye makeup, to strengthen the modifier and painted eyebrows, eyeliner, and mascara.  



         3  head: there are all kinds of commonly used veil, modesty exquisite Crown, flower hair accessories, beading classes, such as Crystal small hair clips, in addition to yarn, other accessories using the small area of appropriate embellishment, save the whole hair style is concise, the atmosphere at the same time, Some bride's favorite trinkets decorated to enhance hair's layers, rich feeling and sense of fashion.


Second, the technique


    1  continuation of the tradition of classic   style feature: lighting is more complex, using light to emphasize and characterization of icing. Shape and on the scene as a whole is simple.  


           2  fashion and retro stacking   style: bold attempt to contrast a variety of seemingly different style mixed together. When shooting continuous light sources weak light intensity and color temperature changes, easier to control depth of field.  


          3  elegant aesthetic flows in   style: use genuine digital backgrounds and different wedding dresses, and elegant tones, elegant, romantic and sweet feeling.


         4 -profile coexists with cosy   style feature: high profile, impressionistic, romantic, photos to let the viewer feel the emotions from the picture extension of beauty and pleasure.  

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