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Keep it simple and don't let yourself fall into the bridal makeup routine

&Nbsp;     bridal make up the most important thing is to keep it simple, but this is the most difficult to comply with for brides. Because the wedding dress is different from daily life, women wear clothes, most brides think their makeup should be completely different. That is not so. Wedding is representative of "the wedding", and your face should be the representative of as "you", but is a slightly enhanced version of the routine you. Don't give in to the temptation of creating makeup. You don't want to look like themselves, especially for your married life and her fiance. But don't go to the other extreme (remember: photos, photos). In fact, a professional makeup artist, and a clear plan for at least a period of training before the wedding.

         also have a, don't try something too new. Completely clear: do not substantially cut, Perm or dye can not be found in a typical natural color. A sober lawyer two weeks before her wedding to some that she still could not fully explain why, dye their hair red. Exactly two weeks after, she continued to visit her hairdresser, her hair color back to normal. "It really makes me not for the wedding that bigger things to worry about. "She says now. Yes, but spent a day in the local SPA can do it too.

           the same, don't try a new cream, because you might suddenly covered with a rash; don't try to Tan, because you can sunburn; not nearby the wedding any time to try a new brand of cosmetics, because you may have an allergic reaction. Finally, don't be unrealistic. You don't want to look like Cindy Crawford in her wedding look (well, maybe you want to), you're not Cindy Crawford. You want to look like your own, than you're used to in the day to look good.


        afford one hire a professional makeup artist; and it should be made clear before her wedding plans for at least a period of training. Professionals will be able to provide both indoor and outdoor, daytime and night time as well as natural light and artificial lighting in different environments, such as recommendations for best makeup. They also understand that cosmetic stand bride sweat and tears. More importantly, they know how to use makeup to bring out more beautiful photo effect--that doesn't necessarily need a lot of makeup, and accurate application method. Don't be afraid to offer your favorite makeup. Despite their cosmetics to do the first time you trained. You can take them with makeup artists out of the list. Right to make the bride feel comfortable is definitely has laid-back, and even more important than makeup.