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Significance of Western wedding dress

&Nbsp;        in Western countries, found the happiness each woman donned a called "wedding dress" white robe, stepped into the Hall hand in hand with your loved ones and the other half. Called "wedding dress" because white robes symbolizing purity, on behalf of the bride like the Angel Holy bride and put on a robe to get eternal happiness, this is the greatest blessing God to give the bride. Today, the wedding dress is no longer limited to pure white, wedding doesn't have to be in Church, however change is determination of the bride and the pursuit of happiness. Your most beautiful moments remain, when his recall when this touching moment, hands stroking that brings happiness wedding, as if sweet came back again. Dang you married one years  , and   two years  , and   ten years  , and   20 years until forever, annual of married anniversary, you can with you beloved of another half again wear Shang at of married wedding, with review that copies sweet, again once wear Shang that pieces wedding seemed and again once get has happiness; Dang you in marriage in the has not goes of thing occurred, saw this pieces wedding Shi, you must will reminds at that copies happiness of feel, Common pursuit of true love for each other, there is nothing to compare this love? By virtue of the dress can eliminate 构词成分。 fighting between each other, kept goal for the pursuit of happiness, for women, the dress is special.