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June is the most beautiful bride 6 style wedding dress code

Design style: romantic, alternative,  

style features: shoulder design stereo, long front short back, flower decoration

suitable for: moderate weight Cup moderate in the chest, arm, leg free from throatiness.

wedding dresses and jewels mix Tips:

jewelry & collar shape  

do not pair with a large ornate necklace collars are very complicated elaborate wedding, the control character is very important. Also consider jewelry matched with the collar shape, such as the shoulder wedding as not matching necklace, high neck lace dress avoid exaggerated hanging earrings. Jewelry material significance

symbol would you choose pure Pearl, luxury diamond to witness your vows? Pearl stressed the purity of the bride, and the diamond is a symbol of love. If you want some exaggerated jewelry, crystals and semi-precious stones are more and more present in the wedding. Pure gold jewelry is not recommended to wear matching Western style wedding dress.  

Finally, subtract  

in order to complete your perfect wedding images, you may wear the headdress, flowers and lots of jewelry, but in the end you have to do, is to try to do some subtraction, weaken the parts. Stop highlighting the focus of style, is the brides choose a grade.

         wedding photography which Style2:

design style: elegant, exotic  

model features: shoulder, small fish design, the Lotus Leaf hem  

suitable for: moderate thickness with beautiful collarbones, arms,   without a little belly;

wedding dresses paired with underwear Tips: 


comparison of chest thin Lady, should choose the Cup a gradual thickness of cotton cups, rounded full breasts like rose CUP  effect, and must note the Cup looks too flat, such as a cup-squished tours put on wedding dress or evening dress will affect the chest part of the curve after the United States, not only to l Cup problem.  

color and fabric  

flesh-colored (near eastern people's skin color) are the best color, nude color similar with us, after wearing such clothing become a stealth effect, cloth should choose light fabrics like corsets. Even wear light colors or a book cloth evening wear such clothing is the type of problem will not happen.  


such as wearing the Halter dress or evening dress, corset should be selected in the wings cut the other oblique circle (open and close) almost to the waist, wings of elastic sticky meat function can prevent the corset down or walk. Waist and abdomen should be chosen at the underarm to waist with plastic steel bone corset, waist look more curves, if you have a little belly shirt under the belly-length should be chosen corset, collect small belly.

         wedding photography where good Style3 

design style: elegant, fresh and  

model features: straps design by stomacher, feather material  

suitable for: moderate Cup fullness in the chest, arms, weight, hip the curve is perfect

wedding dresses with color matching Tips: 

authentic beige colour  

Asians are mostly yellow, skin compared to Westerners, it is yellowish, Dim. Should try to avoid the purple and blue dress, both in bright colors are on the dark colors, and will push enough fair skin losing luster.  

should steer clear of dark yellow, gray, flesh color, because the wedding with the color convergence, lost against the role skin color and dress blends a. The bride is the most suitable choice of the colour white, can play a very good foil.  

-black colour

need to match the rich colors, green wedding dress would be good to bring out the bride's personality and beautiful, had to admit that this is a unique beauty, Blacks are often keen on these two colours.  

skin white,  

fair skin are advised not to wear a white wedding dress, the so-called white is the color of the pigment and exactly the same shade, can't tell which is the wedding dress, which the bride colour instead of bad. In addition, white has many kinds, if you can avoid the same can.  

         wedding Style4 

design style: vintage, noble

style characteristics: deep-v design, high waistline, and  

for the crowd: the figure above 170, moderate chest Cup  

         Han-style wedding photography Style5:

design styles: sweet, little women

design features:-stomacher-bud design, classic bow embellishment  

suitable for: moderate moderate shoulder size, arm weights

         wedding photo studio Style6:

design style: elegant and beautiful  

model features: layering fish, stacking techniques to highlight the details  

suitable for: moderate size at the waist, the hips slightly plump