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Different size couple wears wedding dresses and gowns for the golden rule

Groom posts:

    whether it is wedding or wedding, most people are only paying attention to the bride's wedding gown is beautiful, good makeup, very few people will notice where the groom's clothing, groom's dresses are uncomfortable but is also very important. The dress you choose should match the bride and groom's wedding gown and dress, appearance and overall sense of showing a sense of balance to match each other. Overall, in the trend of the times, you can see the groom's dresses and other copies of design trends, slender, simple and elegant, and fit the age, body type, occasion and budget. Now whether it's Bridal wedding dress or groom wear dresses simple wind, popular dress includes: long dress, Italy-style dress and a military-style dress.

  in fact, if selected to suit your dresses, groom who are height and weight you want, wearing the right dress can enhance up weak, will build on the advantages of all, cover up the shortcomings. Therefore, a proper dress is very important. But how to wear suitable dresses out of it? First of all, the groom had to face up to what your body really is, then in accordance with one's own body to find the right dress. But what kind of shape for what kind of dress do? Here you can find out what.

tall type best suited to simple styles of dress, single breasted peaked lapel dress up suits, to avoid coat, double breasted flap and or dress, because the proportion of these dresses will make legs look shorter, in order to avoid Pao short, wear should be avoided.

body lean

If the body belonged to a tall thin **, recommended cutting some circles, can make you seem a slight amount of dress to hide

angular in shape.

FAT type

body fat bridegroom, oral administration may wish to use a wide variety of body sizes, but please avoid new moon lead round; suit, angular blade grasp for full face. Dress color to choose dark colors, avoid light, dress Tuxedo and open the flap.   


Crescent neck shape eyebrow like two months, because of its smooth, is young people prefer coat collar shape; some domineering conservative suit lapel and collar, is older preferred choice of style.


beer belly

       the groom suitable for simple, dark single breasted dress, this style is visually slightly elongated shape. Remember that   wear double-breasted and swallowtail dresses, because this type of dress gaze is easy on the stomach position.

       in addition, dress accessories parts such as a shirt or a tie match, to dress the same color as the priority, or in a contrasting color combinations, so it would be more young. Part of the shirt, the groom to be ready to go on their own clothing such as shirts, shoes and belts for a rainy day. Sock color to be consistent, so white shoes with dark socks is not coordinated when paired. If the groom is not ready made gowns, master hand-made dresses to please the outside, remember to always to wear a dress pattern, so as not to have a wedding day wearing a dress in the closet, avoiding waste.

bride posts:


should try to choose the v-neck, low waist, Shaker-style wedding dress, collar decoration can enrich, to attract the eyes of others to move to the neck

above. Veil to rely on simple and slightly longer is better.


  wear skirts are loose, emphasizing the low shoulder or no shoulder sleeve design, of sight, as far as possible, to move on.

busty model

     impressive surrounding lines can wear low cut dress to emphasize, but if the percentage is not very beautiful, cheap some heart-shaped collar or neckline design with simple line, reduce the degree of exaggeration of the chest line.


     big bows, thick gel, rather tight corset or highlighted upper body style is ideal. For example emphasizes the bride beautiful shoulders and arms line strapless, sleeveless or short-sleeved styles.