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Evening wedding tips

&Nbsp;       quiet night shooting wedding photos, technology has a lot of note is. And normal shooting is different during the day and dark at night, so that the whole process is difficult to grasp. So what are we shooting at night need to learn it? &Nbsp;    first, not enough light is the first, cause we want to take clear pictures difficult. Flash shooting can be a good reinforcement of light, light in a certain area for requirements. We select independent Flash.

     effect due to the external environment, slight movement can cause the entire screen of your camera is not clear, therefore, for the novice or are not suited for photographers shooting, it is best to wear on a tripod, and secure.

     is achieved by raising for all ISO values, try to adjust the sharpness. If you are shooting in a lamp environment such as streets, squares and so forth, are lamps and lighting, we will have to adjust the camera in a single color, and lighting environment as a whole, can be maintained and we share the same vision.

     We play, as long as the local called it. People, don't let Flash intensity is greater than the external environment. Sideways is better in General.

     If the overall atmosphere of the night dreams, perfect for shooting poetic wedding photos. Wedding photography in Wuhan when the black background, using Flash called on the rocks with no cover, you can create a sense of space, a lot of creativity. Can also be cast into the sea, but to pay attention to the angle.

     overall, shooting night wedding photography, we pay attention to the clarity of the picture and the overall fill techniques. Remaining things to the creative photographer to complete.