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Winter new year's travel notes

New year's holiday is coming up soon, ready to travel friends, Mandy Fuzhou Wedding Photography Studio reminding you to pay attention to the following points

new year's travel notes: plateau tourism, put on more clothes, Nanjing hot not cold  

1. entering the plateau, preferably with a half-day retreat to rest. Water and eat more fruit, ban alcohol. No running and strenuous exercise, not eating.

2. early plateau, to prevent colds caused by the cold, the cold is one of the leading cause of acute high altitude pulmonary edema. You want to put on more clothes, Nanjing hot not cold.

3. the commonly used altitude sickness drug prevention of rhodiola, creatinine, glucose, etc. Before entering the plateau began to take two days, can effectively prevent mountain sickness.

4. maintain optimism and psychological burden will increase the altitude sickness, delay the body adapt to the Highland climate; in possession of sufficient sleep and rest before, severe high blood pressure, heart disease, patients should not be in Tibet


new year's travel notes II: hiking, viewing is not walking, walking does not view  

1. line note meteorological forecasts change clothes at the right time. Colorful clothes can reflect sunlight and reduce body heat. Shoe selection of boots, shoes and sneakers, Ballet flats; wear thick socks.  

2. advance planning tourism route to fully understand the traffic, choose a well-designed route up the mountain, to have a clear escape route, while along the best supply and communication stations, should pay attention to in a mountainous area of collapse and falling stone and the hard shoulder collapsed.     

3. before climbing should be aware of your health status, carrying drugs; with altitude sickness and discomfort is not forced up the mountain. When climbing according to their physical ability to master climb the height and speed, some chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, epilepsy, Vertigo, severe high blood pressure, tuberculosis patients should not be climbing, middle and old aged people mountaineering, to prepare a stick.   

4. less talk, talk affects the frequency and depth of breathing. Try not to use your mouth to breathe and breathe through your nose. Breathe through your mouth easily sucked into the mouth of mosquitoes, is not easy to master the breathing rate.  

5. to do the view not to walk, walking does not view; picture should pay special attention to safety, in particular should be noted there is no weathering of rocks. In case of rain in the mountains is not available when use umbrellas and ponchos in case of lightning or wind Dalian umbrella is run

nowadays, winter tourism had become the fashion. But on the road if you don't pay attention to weather changes, especially cold climate effects on the human body, attacks may be subject to certain diseases. Tourists, some from the South to the North, some more outdoor activities, there is elderly and infirm, they especially need protection against cold and freezing conditions.   

   winter tourism in the open air, exposed parts or peripheral parts of the body (such as fingers, toes, Auricle, cheek) the skin is stimulated by cold and wet too long, may appear on the skin erythema and accompanied by abnormal sensation, which can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay too long in cold environments, not only skin lesions can occur, also have the potential to cause systemic disease. In cold conditions, heart disease, stroke, influenza, frostbite, significant increases in the incidence of diseases such as arthritis. In winter tourism, high temperatures and low humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed weather is common. Data show that the temperature drops dramatically or suddenly came to a cold environment tend to cause coronary heart disease, stroke and cerebrovascular disease. When temperatures fell to zero from below zero, cold in the short term the number of surges, including young people. Chronic bronchitis is also likely to relapse in a cold and dry climate.   

   in order to prevent frostbite, warm wear is very important. The outer layer of clothes should be wind-proof, available in fabric, fur or leather clothes; down jacket could be formed within a relatively stagnant air layer, warm and very good are the preferred dress for winter tourism. Soft, absorbent, breathable underwear for the benefit of moisture, drying. To minimize skin exposure areas, Chilblain-prone areas, it is necessary to move or massage.   

    If you want to travel in the winter from cold weather damage and increasing their winter capability is essential. Changes in diet, increased metabolism, is an effective way to improve the body's ability to produce heat. In fact, the human body to maintain body temperature in cold environment, it is necessary to increase the metabolism, and consumes a lot of strength in the tourism, only increasing the intake of nutrients to meet human needs. Tourists in the winter diet, protein, carbohydrate and fat three nutrients, vitamin and mineral intakes should be more than the usual, cannot be emphasized too much as usual limit intake of fats and carbohydrates. Lean meats, eggs, fish, beans, liver is good for added body heat, may be more appropriate for human consumption. In addition, the misconceptions to correct drinking to keep warm. Alcohol and water will not heat, on the contrary, alcohol may stimulate the body's blood vessels and increase blood circulation of the body surface, people feel "heat", in fact, loss of body heat.   

    suffering from arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and health factors to consider, not in winter season tourism, encounters inclement weather such as wind, fog, snow, the infirm should not travel, or candle.  

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