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&Nbsp;      bride probably don't know what beady eye, dry eyes after the bride must have had to stay up late, dark circles obviously, baggy circumstances, such as overnight stays up with puffy eyes and other problems, eye round and swollen like a sliced fish in chicken is beady eye. &Nbsp;

puffy eyes look very dull, the whole people to people like the weather or very tired feeling, brides don't like bubble eye, of course, but sometimes have to stay up late, need makeup at this point cover away slightly damned beady eye. Cover bubble works through the eyes eye makeup to cover the skin dull and eye puffiness.

eye focus: focus cover bubble eyes eye makeup is to use a concealer to cover dark, use eyeliner enlarged puffy eyes and dark eye shadow to narrow the three point oh.

Step1: concealer to cover dark  

beady eye are accompanied by rough skin and dark eyes, sometimes has dark circles, puffy eyes with dark skin color was really scary, so first before putting on makeup concealer work, to create flawless skin.  

operation: moisturizer and Foundation after taking m-size concealer on the ring finger, used an approach of concealer weariness on the skin around the eyes, thinly covered the eye stain wedding rings, black eyes and other flaws.

Tips: eye concealer should pay attention to consistent with the overall colour Oh, if concealer around the eye color is too light overall feel of the makeup is very strange.  

Step2: eyeliner magnified eye  

bubble eyes baggy eyes are very small and eyeliner has amplified the magical effects of the eye, smaller eyes can be amplified because of the swelling, beady eye-impact.

action: starting at the eyelash growth eyeliner, remember that eyeliner line to smooth, if the swelling is in serious condition or are Sepet girl eyes line can be appropriate to draw a little rough so that they will have effect.  

Tips: after drawing the line remember to SUMI eyes Oh ~ so you can enhance the eye line, and again enlarged eyes effect.  

step3: dark eye narrowing the swollen  

eye shadow can enhance the eye contour, makes the eyes look more God Oh and beady eye MM it is necessary to select dark eye shadow, dark eye shadows can cloak the puffiness of the eye, makes the eyes look more solid, charming magic eye to reproduce the sparkle.  

operation: first use Pearlescent ivory eyeshadow base, then according to their preferences or makeup need to choose a different color of dark eye shadow painted eyes, dark blue, dark grey, Brown is a good choice.  

Tips: dark eye shadow beady eye puffiness can be visually reduced both makeup and makeup you can use a dark eyeshadow, makeup dark eye shadow area is increasing.