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&Nbsp;      to marry, how to pick a wedding dress to show my qualities and personality and ingenious disguise their appearance on the weaknesses? It is every bride wants. Whether is the same day of the wedding in the wedding who wants to pick a wedding dress, to find a suitable wedding dress!! How to pick a wedding dress, you better let the wedding??? Here let me help you analyze how to choose wedding dress ~~~ 

tall, slender type  


simple design, trim-fitting Mermaid style can best highlight the lines of slender tall bride, plus trim skirt, swaying. In addition, may wish to wear v-collar or u-necked design wedding dress to highlight the neck collar line, and Halter style old highlights back sexy beauty of line. To avoid some v-neck or low v neck style, as this would overly elongate neck and chest lines and counter-productive.   



    If the lower body fat, skirt or casual dress styles can be used to hide full lower body and skirt and waist contrast will make a waist look slimmer. In addition, fuller chest, you can choose a low v-neck, sweetheart neck, and tight corset style strapless wedding dresses, show beautiful lines in the chest, sending sexy charm. Materials, be sure to choose a square of cloth, as too soft cloth will give the feeling of burden, too full.  



if they are too thin, Mermaid style wedding dress selection should be avoided, because it can give the feeling of light weight; style, thin people should choose level, lines of more styles to create an abundance of full of feeling. Skirt, dress styles can choose to fold or hang, which can increase the overall sense of fullness but must pay attention to body proportions, the effect should not be too exaggerated. In addition, if the chest is not full enough or collarbone, you should try to avoid wearing strapless strapless styles, so as not to burst is smaller. Snap collar style is the best choice of skinny bride, able to cover up the scrawny necks out and highlight the noble beauty, two birds with one stone.  


simple and elegant styles to highlight Petite bride light and slender qualities, and short sleeve or sleeveless with a long gloves or a high waist, princess dress styles and a word you can look more slender and elegant. To avoid selecting align collar style, as this will make the neck look is very short, affect the overall results.