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&Nbsp;       1, don't take your mother or mother-in-law and husband.   You look what MOM and husband will say, while a little more fashion yet again not accepted, the most important thing is a bad bargain. So girlfriends go better with you, will give you impartial advice and appreciation level and your age.

        2, the best to determine the place of the wedding and then buy a wedding dress.  

tail wedding dress can wear that results only in a large banquet hall, small Hall or a guest too many red carpet will be too narrow and tail completely open, it looks ugly.

3, wedding dresses and gowns at the same store, so that generally good bargains.  

4, dress budget should include a variety of matching accessories

dress is an integral part of the wedding dress, dress now in terms of price and style than in the past, there have been big changes, even the same dresses, bridal shops and clothing stores are offering different prices, so be sure to decide wedding prices, to go looking for the matching dress. Dress and matching accessories are also very important, little things like underwear, necklace, bracelet, the cost is staggering. Choice and dress them all the trimmings, from normal time to accumulate, which means that going to bag bargains, so that dressed up out of you is unique and otherwise cookie-cutter bride how boring it! your small jewelry does not represent good, fit is the most important, such as your spouse, for their loyalty for life.