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&Nbsp;        many brides do not know how to choose their own dress, choice is a headache, will share their accumulated experience and now, I hope to help members of the bride will.

          i. how to choose a wedding dress


     wedding dresses are not necessarily white, with the changing fashion trends, wedding dresses besides the traditional colors of white, ivory, beige, also becoming popular in recent years set pink wedding dress, such as pink, Orange, powder blue, purple, pink, green and light silver gray. If you were willing to try, dark green, red, deep purple, decorated in pink dress on, forming color dress, the effect is very special.

in fact, what color wedding dress is not too important, upholds the conditions is going to match the colour of the bride. Oriental skin deep yellow, wearing white wedding dresses, can appear dull, worn ivory would be more harmonious, powder blue, purple and yellow skin cannot be reconciled, powder Orange, pink, green and yellow color to match. White-red, or Tan, wearing white would look great, especially the latter, with the groom's Tuxedo, highlights a unique source of light.

          II. wedding dresses of some common materials

          lace: General, as edge decoration and ornament patterns, and large format used in wedding garment and at the hem.  

spinning/man-made fibres: fabric square, is not prone to wrinkles, moderate price, popularity. Disadvantages are arrested.  

chiffon: fabrics, light, elegant, look fresh and cool, more suitable for summer wear.  

silk: elegant pure silk wedding dresses, suits rich and magnificent Palace-wedding dress design.   But the more expensive and prone to wrinkling, should be carefully managed.

         Duchess Satin: elegant, shiny fabrics, containing feminine.  

taffeta: boasts light and smooth, easy watermark printed on fabric or wood, floral pattern, suitable for wearing in summer and autumn.

IRA Kurgan yarn: a graceful and elegant, slightly transparent, IRA Kurgan of the man-made fiber yarn price cheaper.  、

         III. other factors to choosing wedding  

it should be noted that, if weddings in a church, do not wear low cut wedding dress, which is a sign of being disrespectful to clergy, especially certain rituals, new knees, boobs show brides kneeling before the icon of the arm, it was lack of respect for the Church, and laughter.  

brides Please note that wedding trail is to use long tail and short tail are often subject to external environmental factors. If the salute Church, trailing a good look, but boys must be older or not enough power for the bride picked up the trail, even trip over; now many brides on their wedding day shooting the project, at the sea of green spaces or trailing wedding dress better, and wedding phase, you can choose to align wedding, save a lot of trouble.

buy wedding or rent the wedding is good, depending on the wishes of the bride if she want to keep as a souvenir of the eternal, then it's worth the investment, but if the place, and to leave a souvenir, you can buy beautiful headdress. Or buy some brides now low prices after the wedding to someone else is a good way, but this approach is generally suitable for standard figure of the bride, is also more convenient for transfer.


         v. saving wedding tips

         wedding dresses to buy home, after the wedding, be careful to put it at the bottom, a lifetime. However, if you easily take it to the streets of the small laundry, may regret it----because the wedding of maintenance and other expensive clothes are different. But, once you have a few tips to clean, save the wedding is not difficult.  

first of all, at the time of purchase may ask, what is this dress material, subsidiary of beads, small Flash pieces have any stress, under normal circumstances, the owner would say all reserve.

wash wedding, wet wash is key, because wedding Shang of small decorative, like beaded ornaments side, is can't afford to dry cleaning of chemical material of erosion, best of method is put wedding into mix has mild, and neutral clean agent of water in the, soaking while, this can cleaning off banquet Shang wine, and lard, left of of stains, more bubble while, even see missing of stains as sweat, and liquor stains also can removed.

wedding dresses after you wash and dry thoroughly, you can collect, store in a cool, dry place, such as a closet or even under the bed, remember, don't hang up your wedding dress, because older time, a little amount of wedding will have a vertical force, long skirt and even tear.

         there are two issues must be mentioned: a collection must wash their hands before the wedding, do not glue cosmetics, or for a long time, wedding dress will be a small yellow spot on there, big hoops can turn up in the wedding collection, but when Ted clothing a year, restitution to hoops, lest it lose its elasticity.