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Generation eight most fashionable wedding gift

, home furnishings-a gift, a token, for your friends and family-the sweet hut built by adding warmth.

II, and sent trend lighting, and mural--can decorative new homes three, and Red--most traditional is most tacky but is most simple of four, and practical of long married consumption card--married can save money, economic and fashion five, and bedding, and tea--intimate, both practical and relative generous six, and creative supplies--trace creative, trace feelings, help that pair new in hi moved of new homes in more manufacturing little romantic. Seven, household appliances-the kind of fashion, to be truly on the newcomers a most desirable wish. Like induction cooker, and microwave eight, and DIY of gift--personally do of things for friends for always is special precious, a Deputy cross embroidered, a Zhang personally design of card, a beam personally plug of flowers, must can in wedding Shang to friends brings special of moved   attached: gift of taboo, in wedding Shi, very taboo sent Bell and sent PEAR, for "Bell" and "end", and "pear" and "away from" is homophonic, is not Geely. Although there are many Korean mural clock is very fancy, but young people should not use it as a wedding gift to send. In addition, the color also taboo, wedding gift choice of red, the other can not be selected.