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&Nbsp;      a wedding in the new moment of admission are the most attracted the attention of guests, new entrants into the wedding guests swarmed on either side of the carpet, flower petals rained onto the hands of the couple, the moment will give newcomers bring happiness, also gave the guests to bring excitement and laughter, it's the wedding a common lens. However, as wedding host, I on such of lens is very not satisfaction, because from host of location to Taiwan Xia looked to, carpet sides station full has guest, new after of when, countless hands lift has up, guest of body accounted for full has red carpet, countless of flowers like sub to new, far looked to, new completely was hand, and body and flowers flap block live has, then camera Division helpless of station in red carpet Shang, from stage of angle to new shooting, almost see not clear new of face. Cameramen are not clear lens is not clear, video effects are bad. What can you do to make strewed flowers well, live and lively, also guarantees take effect? In my opinion, should be strewed flowers into the scope of an orderly, according to certain rules, and this problem would not have arisen. To this end, strewed flowers personnel must pay attention to the following issues.

1, and the number of flowers.

strewed flowers according to the number of men depend on the distance to the stage. If this distance is 20 meters, the couple may consider starting at the men, from men within 10 meters of red carpets arranged on both sides who strewed flowers, about 2 meters, in General 5 is enough. If the distance is shorter, who can consider reducing the strewed flowers. Remaining of half of distance, first to left camera Division, and photographer, let they has a shooting of swing room, furthermore is left admission of new, because General of flowers flap or confetti will in stick in new of head Shang, and face Shang, if to this status came to power face guest, will makes new of image, and especially bride of image by effect, this half of distance, is to new side go side removed face Shang of confetti and flowers flap of time and opportunities.

2, sub-flower workers by age, sex, marital status.

in General, for sub-flower requirements for age, sex and the married personnel. But most of the cases, this task is put to young people to complete, particularly rookie classmates, colleagues of both parties, young people very lively, and the married couple are relatively familiar with, easy to talk to, especially girls, love stood on both sides of the red carpet to greet the couple, so wedding by more girls to complete the task. Of course, if the girl is much notter enough wedding, this task can also invite boys to attend. If people were not enough, married boyfriend, girlfriend can also be invited to participate in this event.

3, not on a red carpet.

Sub personnel not on the red carpet of flowers, is to ensure that when the couple walked the red carpet, carpet only newcomers, highlighting the couple's happiness and to cameraman shooting from angles of the stage in the past, the lens clean. All personnel strewed flowers, all standing on either side of the carpet, do not set foot on the carpet. Strewed flowers should also note that body not even arm takes up the red carpet of the space, the red carpet should be viewed as a wall, body and arms impassable. When the couple passed by, should let the flowers and confetti falling from the sky, this results from the cameraman's point of view, the couple walked down the red carpet moment, countless flowers, confetti falling from the sky, pure and clean picture, a beautiful picture.

4, not chasing strewed flowers.

Sub flowers of personnel also also cannot Chase with sub flowers and confetti, because General of wedding site are compared crowded, left red carpet of width also on 1 to 2 meters, on both sides is flowers road introduction, and wine table and Chair, if everyone not on red carpet, is in carpet sides Chase with sub flowers, certainly will bustling, and stumbling, not carefully on will broke into lens, out has accident, lens inside also will is mess, also will block on both sides guest of sight, so everyone do don't chase with sub flowers.

5, master strewed flowers time.

best of timing, is Dang sub spent personnel see new go to himself means of range of when, sub spent personnel can points 2----3 times, put hands of flowers by air throwing to new, must don't ahead of sub, also don't chase with sub, such from new admission through flowers door began, in by through of red carpet Shang, constantly of was dispersal flowers, has time of continuity.

all in all, the admission is the first opportunity to debut a new wedding, how do its sophisticated, reasonable and orderly, do shine, need new and cooperative effort by relatives and friends of the couple, of course, need more wedding host of careful planning and unity of command.