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Often, to the most memorable day of my life, a most pleasant memories, brides know that must pay attention a few months ago the body skin and body

care, but often ignores that master hair also needs attentive care.

Plan 1:

Peugeot Johnson points outstanding people how Heigh Ho what to do to be married beauty hair care, can become pretty excellent people focus? If you have already planned to marry, preferably three months before the wedding, they started doing holistic hair care.

for example, usually should habit weekly to nursing sent cream do continued sex hair maintenance of habits, in home wash finished hair Hou, with contains vitamin B5, and vitamin e and nucleolus oil of deep nursing sent cream, thick thick of in sent Shang coated Shang a layer, first don't urgent with water rushed off, with bath Shi of hot steam gas will nutrient penetration to hair within layer, number minutes Hou again to water wash NET, on can makes hair recovery vitality and health, keep best State. If your life is too busy, you can also use shampoos that contain designer heating oil

washing your hair will not only wash your hair thoroughly, but also by the way hair repair deep tissue.

on the choice of hairstyle, brides a month to sing with a hair stylist before the wedding discussions, according to your face shape and personality, that wedding day hair looks stiff natural, become the biggest regret of the wedding.

to take a "flexible" bride, is the perfect choice, let the hair a little volume, romantic touching blew the whole. But, remember, Perm hair will continue to do its work before, so that the potion will not direct erosion when perm the hair the hair cuticle, protecting the health of the hair.