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&Nbsp;        Chinese wedding cumbersome, now most of the wedding after the era of running so Westernized, also simplified a lot. Read the photo, no wedding but we tend to see Chinese-style jacket or a dress or something like that. This is a feature of Chinese wedding, as people's tastes change, and now more and more new retro. That is before you start asking Chinese-style dress or hold wedding, Chinese from the wedding to engagement is needed in advance for a period of time, while the West has provided that the marriage was. &Nbsp; 

there is no free love in ancient China, the emphasis is on their parents matchmaker. This is the marriage between men and women and of parents, matchmakers, matchmaking, think of equal status, swap "g stick" (age, birth horoscope) end of pressure in front of the Kitchen God statue NET cups, to test God. 3rd Bowl-free break, meal sour gas, disturbed family quarrel, dogs and cats and other "exceptional" case, the fortune teller "row of eight", see niangeng compatibility, Zodiac has no 尅. Superstitiously in old times called a six-year, three-year small; male age every two, 19 girls don't marry; dogs that chickens (chicken dog feud), Dragon (Dragon and Tiger fight), Tiger Yang (yangluohukou), the rat Snake (snake eat mice) difficult to match, to be considered until after a thorough discussion on Pro-.   

next to the betrothal, engagement is the xiapin ceremony, bride price is decided on the next after. So there was no church and no wedding, no wedding cameras now