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Newcomer how to take natural and not artificial wedding

         wedding photo shoot out was always like a little doll, smile is fake, very stiff, as laid out, believe that we have such trouble, really want to take good photos and want to retain those lovely beautiful times, it is necessary to show the bride and groom the most authentic aspect, prepare hard work for so many, Maybe just a touch of makeup, simple wedding dresses, can make you beautiful.


    1, simple wedding:  wedding you can choose simple styles, fabrics and better sense of weeping, and skirt surface well covered with a layer of gauze so that you can make the bride look lighter, more graceful.

    2, clean makeup: wedding makeup should not be too thick. Pearl exaggerated available t-zone and sense of reflective triangle to highlight the skin texture. Foundation to make thin, lips smearing a small amount of lip gloss. Key eyebrow and eye makeup, to enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, and mascara-retouch and paint.

    3, and headdress: common of has various veil, and shy fine of Crown, and spent shaped sent ornaments, and beads series class, and Crystal class small Hairpin,, except veil, other jewelry of using is to appropriate of small area dotted mainly, in retained overall hairstyles style simple, and atmosphere of while, with some bride himself love of small jewelry dotted to promotion hairstyles of level sense, and fruitful sense and fashion sense.


    1, traditional in the continuation of the classic   style feature: lighting is more complex, using light to exaggerate and shape the character of the icing. Shape and on the scene as a whole is simple.

    2, fashion and retro stacking   style: bold attempt to contrast a variety of seemingly different style mixed together. When shooting continuous light sources weak light intensity and color temperature changes, control depth of field.

    3, elegant aesthetic flows in   style: use genuine digital backgrounds and different wedding dresses, and elegant tones, elegant, romantic and sweet feeling.

    4, high profile and cosy both   features: high profile, impressionistic, romantic, photos to let the viewer feel emotions out of the picture to extend and pleasing aesthetic.