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Teach you some makeup tips

        1, close to the skin's Foundation  

close to excellent make-up Foundation makes the skin more perfect, is very simple, you just put it in the refrigerator slightly damp cosmetic sponge, after a few minutes, take cold sponge wipe good foundation on your skin, you'll feel the skin crisp, makeup looks fresh.   

2, cool eye drop  

drinking or lack of sleep will make your eyes the eye appeared to be very tired and bloodshot. You can add one or two drops of eye drops with ease the fatigue effect, symptom reduction of congestion and rupture of the eye capillaries, but the eye drops is not more is better, but the possibility of adverse effects.  

3, brow powder    of works;

with eyebrow pencil if you feel tired hands, draw a satisfactory eyebrows. Also make a new try: eyebrow pencil in color arm, with eyebrow sweeping using color, sweep evenly on the eyebrows, you may be surprised to get more natural and gentle makeup effects.  

   4, cold towels;

swollen eyes, bulging bags under the eyes make you slouch, don't panic, alternating hot towels with cold towels and put it on your eyes for more than 10 minutes, towel with ice again for a while, tired eyes will respond to light.  

5, flat mirror on the table   

painted detail eyeliner can be a problem for you, is not difficult, all you have to do is to put the elbow in one place, like your makeup, put a small mirror on the table, keeping my eyes down looking in the mirror, you can rest assured that paint eyeliner.   

6, white eyeliner   

eyes are the window of the soul, big and bright eyes tend to leave a deep impression, you can try using white eyeliner to draw lines, make the eyes appear bigger and more spirited.   

7, spray moisturizer    

make-up is completed, the distance from the left face an arm to spray on face moisturizer, makeup can be more sustainable.