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&Nbsp;        in wedding such a grand occasion, groom suits and dresses combined insensitive, but are matters affecting the atmosphere. Good suits and dress light is not enough, wants to be a personable elegant bride, first learn about the groom dress suit with shirt matching tips.

groom suits and shirts with Tip 1: models

         before the groom in matching suits, first of all, we must make a shirt style, on formal occasions when wearing a suit or dress, should be selected to wear dress shirts shirt when worn over a jacket or tunic and wear the best, followed by inside and outside and to wear. When the coat only when wearing the shirt, wear outside or inside and outside and to wear is the appropriate choice. Formal occasions should wear a white shirt or blouse, combined with a dark suit and tie, with solemnity.

wedding photography groom suits and shirts with Tip 2: cuffs

         shirt sleeves should be about one centimeter longer than the suit sleeves, which not only reflects the level of dress and keep the suit cuffs clean. When the shirt and tie wearing (whether or not wearing a suit) and the symbols for neckline and cuff must be completely linked, to the rigidity and strength of men.

wedding photography groom suits and shirts with Tip 3: collar

         shirt collar size, amount of loose stuffed a finger. Especially avoid the slender neck collar is too large, otherwise they will be very weak. Wearing a suit when not wearing a tie, a shirt collar button must not be linked, and buttons on the placket is must all be linked, otherwise it will seem too casual and lack of training.

groom suits and shirts with Tip 4: wear

wedding photography          when wearing a suit, shirt outside the trousers hem bogey, which gave neither fish nor fowl, not enough sense of taste; otherwise, it will make people more energetic and full of confidence. Of curved hem model should be selected to wear the shirt, which tails tucked into his trousers, and wear comfortable, beautiful hips and soothe.

wedding photography groom suits and shirts with Tip 5:

         any coat-wearing shirt in cream (especially suits), avoid people feel bloated, not harmony. Formal short sleeve shirt can be worn a tie occurs in a formal setting. It can adapt to the climate and environment, without losing the man's manner.

wedding photography groom suits and shirts with Tip 6: cleaning

         new shirt, washing before wearing to remove dirt that may exist in the production process, ensure that next to the skin when worn clean. Men's shirts to wash frequently change, dirty shirt collar, giving smacks of irresponsibility.