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Girls from the vision for the wedding, so grow up after the engagement, will invest a lot of time and effort, often at pains to find the most suitable photographer and location. But what about the groom? There seems not his marriage! Alone he participated in data collection, even put the information in front of him, there is always indifferent, Yes.

groom does not understand why photos are so painstaking efforts and brides don't understand why partners indifferent. To put it bluntly, is that the concerns of men and women are different.

groom loves photos wedding do

to avoid disputes, proposals made a gentleman's agreement between the two best advance, for example, photographed the same day the groom must get up and shoot photos all day no complaining until the day the shooting. Bride in the same trip or next weekend with the fiance he liked and he was less interested in activities such as racing, trekking, etc, as a reward and compensation.

If the bride knows the groom on the wedding really isn't personal, then we don't have to force him to give opinion on every photo, don't force him with my input.

Please bear in mind the groom without attention to the wedding, the bride! Therefore, the wise filmed the night before the wedding the groom should sleep early and recuperate best shot the next day, a move that will surely win hearts! Ever met a bride, in the days when getting ready in the morning on the day of marriage, has been in the groom's is not. Because the groom was busy the night before playing the computer to also refused to go to sleep after midnight. Therefore, we would like to have a sweet and unforgettable wedding night? Groom you are, please come back another day to play your computer now!